Monday, March 16, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup - Italian Style

My homemade chicken noodle soup has a lot of fans. I attribute its popularity to several key ingredients - rich, garlicy homemade chicken stock, loads of dried parsley, tons of chicken, and really thick country style noodles.

First I start with these wonderful Country Pasta egg noodles. They're not your ordinary noodle, no... they are extraordinary and well worth finding. What makes them so special you ask? The fact that they're really thick and hold up extremely well in soups and stews. They have a real textural quality when you bite into them. They're sold all over the country at grocery stores and price clubs. Because these noodles are so much more substantial than other brands, they take twice as long to cook, so I boil them before assembling the soup (use a large stock pot because these guys puff up quite a bit). Be sure to salt your water well, or they'll taste very bland (water should taste like the sea).

I always make a huge batch of this soup because it's so popular, but you can easily reduce the ingredients for a smaller batch. First I start with about 6 quarts of Homemade chicken stock.

Then I add lots of shredded chicken - for a batch of soup this size, I would suggest the meat from 1 1/2 to 2 chickens. I like to roast my own chickens, but feel free to use rotisserie chickens if you like.

Now I add frozen mixed veggies - I like this organic brand from Costco. I use about half of this 5lb. bag.

Don't forget to add salt and pepper to taste, and throw in a decent palm-full of dried parsley - another Costco item I can't live without. Then just heat and serve.

Italian Chicken Noodle Soup
recipe serves 26, but can easily be reduced

6 quarts homemade chicken stock (recipe here)
1 lb. County Pasta, cooked in well salted water
Leftover shredded meat from 1 1/2 to 2 roasted chickens (recipe here)
2 1/2 lbs. frozen mixed vegetables
2-3 tbsp. dried parsley
salt and pepper to taste
finish with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese (optional)



  1. I finally tried your brined chicken and it was wonderful and so moist. Can't believe I never tried it before.

  2. Whoo-hoo!!! I'm so glad you liked it. Everyone loves that chicken. My father was visiting the other day when I was making chicken soup - he wouldn't keep his fingers away from the pile of cold, leftover chicken. AS he stuffed his mouth he said, "this is so juicy", then another mouthful, "absolutely delicious!". Then I started smacking his fingers :).

    In a few days I'll do a post on the pork chops I made for him while he was here. Another "home run".

  3. this is almost exactlly how my hubby makes it.. i make the stock.. yummmmmm!

  4. will have to give this a try, thanks for sharing.

  5. The broth of this soup looks so rich and yummy! I drive my poor hubby insane because I am a major "broth" gal! When I make soup, I have to make a ton of broth. I just love to get a cup of broth and cozy up in a quilt on a cold day.

    Okay, that's it, tomorrow is going to be soup day! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Wow, I couldn't believe that picture. Beautiful! I'll definitely try this soup this winter.

  7. OH!!! That looks soooo delicious. I want some NOW! This is definitely the "make you all better" soup!!!

  8. Sounds yummy & easy. My kind of recipe!!! I usually put potatoes in my chicken soup instead of noodles, but these noodles sound fabulous. I may hae to give this soup a try.

  9. Hi Girlfriend...

    Mmmm...your Italian Chicken soup looks and sounds sooo yummy! It's chilly here today and a big ol' pot of your soup sounds delish!!! I will have to look for this brand of noodles...I don't recall ever seeing it where I shop, but I love the thicker egg noodles. I often just make my own..but it's alot of work and time consuming! I don't use a paste machine...actually roll my dough out on the counter and cut them by hand.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe with us today for Sunday Favorties...great post, my friend! you've gone and done it though...I'm hungry for homemade chicken noodle soup! Hehe!

    Have a super Sunday, Darlin'!

  10. My son makes his own broth. I looked at the recipe and it just looked too haaarrrdd for me to deal with.
    His broth is DE licious! Such a difference. I'm glad I live close-by so he can cook for me.

  11. Looks delicious - - - but it is definitely NOT Hoosier Chicken and Noodles.

  12. Looks very yummy! I use those kind of noodles as well. Not that brand but the same type. Oh my, they are so good! Almost like a cross between a dumpling and a noodle. I haven't made homemade chicken stock before. I will have to do that sometime.
    God bless,

  13. Ok.. me again. (hope you don't get bored of me..:)) Made the broth and this chicken noodle soup today. Have to say both were very good.. Especially the broth is so flavourful and love the color of it..

    1. Nope, won't get tired of you, but I am getting tired of looking at all my bad photography from way back when - yikes. So glad you liked the soup. I make the broth all the time and freeze it to use later for making soups, stews, rice, beans, quinoa, etc.


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