Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday

This is my home office. It was previously the formal living room, but we rarely used it and I desperately needed an office space, so out went the love seat, and in came a desk, filing cabinet, printer, etc. This wall houses my cookbook collection.

A closer look at the book shelf doors. They used to be clear glass, but I purchased something at the craft store called Gallery Glass which helped me transform them into faux leaded and textured glass. I like how it obscures the view of the books.

You'll see that I have a thing for mirrors. I just love using them to decorate my house. Whenever I head toward the mirror section of a store, the kids all say, "No Mom, no more mirrors! We have enough!" ....what can I say.

This photo of my foyer is actually a few months old. I didn't take a new photo today because the poinsettia finally kicked the bucket this week and I have yet to replace it. Oh, I found the buffet table at Crate & Barrel for 50% off. It was exactly what I had been searching 3 1/2 years for, and it fits the space like it was made to go there!

I guess I should change out this wreath in my foyer now that Christmas is over, but I just love it so much. I'll put up a spring wreath this week.

This is a watercolor painting that I found in an antique shop for only $3. It had a hideous peach colored oval matte and no frame. I pitched the dated yucky oval thing and replaced it with an inexpensive double matte from Wal-Mart. The frame was also purchased at Wal-Mart... I think the whole thing cost me under $15 total.

I got this huge Home Interiors picture at auction for cheap, cheap, cheap, and I love it, love it, love it.

Another mirror :). I love round mirrors (yes, got it cheap at auction).

Here's my family room fireplace wall. I saw this 32" Howard Miller clock at a swanky clock shop one day, but the price tag gave me a heart attack. I just knew if I waited patiently, I'd eventually find it for sale on ebay. About 6 months later I found it - it was a wedding gift to a couple who had just gotten married and they didn't like it, so it was brand new and I got it for a fraction of the original cost.

Yes, another mirror, and another ebay deal! This GIGANTIC and very ornate mirror was made to go over the mantle of one of the many fireplaces at a high-end antique dealer's house. The interior designer he hired apparently measured wrong and the mirror ended up not fitting. A new mirror was made and he was allowed to keep the first one, which he sold on ebay for a starting bid of only $99. The photo he posted was really bad so I was the only person who bid. I was thrilled.

This is kind of a funny store... as a newbie bride I was impressed with my MILs cross-stitch accomplishments. She has made some of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen. It inspired me to try my hand at it too, so I started small, making a few cross-stitched Christmas ornaments to tie on to gifts that year. They turned out pretty well, well enough to boost my ego a bit (did I mention I was very young... knew it all... you know).

Anyway, I eyed the pattern to this lovely (and quite large) map at a specialty needlework store. I purchased the pattern, thinking I could make this in a couple of months and give it to my husband as an anniversary gift. When I proudly showed the pattern to my MIL and told her my plan she chuckled and very kindly told me that it was a 'much' bigger project than I realized it was. Well, I worked and worked on it every day for about 6 months until I couldn't look at it anymore. I put it away for 6 years before picking it up to finish it.

The timing actually couldn't have been better because when I finally finished the piece, an older relative in the family sold his home and had to clear all his belongings out. This frame was one of the items and I couldn't believe a) how nicely the color of the wood worked with the piece, and b) it was absolutely the perfect size. Perfect! Anyway, it's been hanging on the wall ever since (Uh, and I have yet to take on another cross-stitch project).

One more photo... not technically on my wall, but through the window which is part of the wall - does that count? :). This bright little gold finch is sitting in a Redbud tree in the back yard. I have absolutely no idea why these trees are called "redbud" because their buds and flowers are actually pinkish-purple, but they're my favorite spring blooming tree, and I just love the vivid pop of color Mr. Goldfinch adds.

Well, that's probably more info than you wanted to know, but thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. I feel like a got a tour of your home. It's beautiful!

  2. Great walls! I wasn't blessed with the ability to cook...but it looks like you were! Nice post.

  3. Hello...

    Just wanted to stop by your place to say thank you for visiting over at my place...I really appreciated your sweet comment!!!

    WoW...you have a fabulous home!!! I just love the high ceilings in your living room...love the big clock over your mantle...so pretty!!! I also love that gorgeous ornate mirror in that room...Oooh!!! Love your office too...love how you decorated those beautiful book shelves...such a pretty vignette on top and those large pictures to each side...gorgeous!!!

    Hehe...my friend, that needlework piece of the world map...fabulous!!! Ohhh my...I can only imagine the patience that doing something like that would require!!! It turned out beautifully though and you're right about the frame...it's perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  4. Hi, I love the tour of your house. Don't worry about blogging about something else than food, sometimes you just have to let it all out.
    Take care.

  5. Your home is lovely and tastefully decorated! I love the high ceiling.

  6. Thanks to everyone for your very kind comments :).

  7. As someone who loves to cook, I fell in love with this blog when I found it a few weeks ago. The content is wonderful and the photos.. I love, love the photos. The writing is just great too. I feel like I am having tea with an old friend talking about recipes etc. Thank you for all that you do.
    Be well,

  8. Thank you so much Arlene... I hope you'll keep coming back for more!

  9. What a gorgeous home! I love EVERYTHING about it!

  10. Thanks Tammy... note that I didn't show my desk, or the kids bedrooms ;). Messy, messy...

  11. I think YOU should have a "My Kitchen" day on your blog. What fun ! We could see a bunch of us folks kitchens.


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